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Download the official website of Trust Wallet: www.trustwallet.com

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Click [Receive] to join the node, you need 0.00045BNB to activate the income account
Deposit 10 USDT, get 0.01USDT interest every hour
Deposit 100 USDT, get 0.1USDT interest every hour
Deposit 1000 USDT, get 1USDT interest every hour
Deposit 10000 USDT, get 10USDT interest every hour
24-hour uninterrupted sending of earnings
The more USDT balance in the account, the more contract resources obtained, and the higher the income.

Invite friends reward
→ Tier 1 members get 12% of their friends’ earnings
→ Tier 2 members get 6% of their friends’ earnings
→ Tier 3 members get 3% of their friends’ earnings

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