Waplog Dating Site Review [Legit or a Scam?]

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Waplog Review in article form:

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Waplog Review – User Demographics: 1:05
Waplog Review – Ease of Use: 2:59
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Waplog Review – Key Features: 7:07
Waplog Review – Success Rates: 9:28

Have you ever been searching for an online dating app that is as easy to use as Instagram or Facebook?

Do you like posting stories and checking the number of people that have seen them?

If you do, then the Waplog online dating app might be the right app for you. So many people are addicting to social media, as well as dating sites. This app has decided to combine the two and create an addicting yet simple option.

In this video, we are reviewing Waplog – the unique dating site that doubles as a social media platform. This is a simple app with the goal of helping you make connections, whether they be romantic or platonic. It has some unique features, but it still retains an easy to use interface that has drawn in many users. But how does it stack up as both a dating site and social media platform? Is it just as addicting as other apps? Or would you be better off sticking to the tried and true sites that you already know?

Make sure to watch our full review of Waplog to find out all of the key details that you need to know before deciding to sign up.

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