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Welcome to Gazprom”

Official website: https://v.ggazpromm.vip/s/099834

Official channel: https://t.me/gazprom9999


Gazprom is a transportation and storage company headquartered in St. Petersburg. We are now recruiting investors from all over the world. Funds are monitored and managed by the Bank of Russia to avoid loss of investor funds. We are a website officially approved by the government to operate legally. The main business is to help stores improve performance. Stores pay us a flat fee. Everyone cooperates for mutual benefit! The best reputation in the world! Please invest with confidence.
(1) Stored value investment can only use USDT and TRX currencies. To withdraw coins, please choose TRC20 and USDT networks.
(2) Each account can be withdrawn at any time, without holidays, and can be withdrawn at will 24 hours a day. Instant payment.
(3) The usage period of each level is 120 days. “You can withdraw money directly after 60 days of unlocking the plan.” Your level will remain the same
(4) 15:00 pm Russian time every day. New tasks are automatically refreshed every day. Complete the orders specified by the merchant every day to get rewards
(5) Withdrawals can only be made (1) time per day, with no time limit. The account will arrive in 1-3 minutes, the withdrawal fee is 0, the minimum withdrawal amount is 3 USDT, and there is no upper limit.
(6): It can be withdrawn after the contract expires. Investors only need to recharge the following funds to unlock the corresponding level.
The platform will be launched on March 30, 2024, Russian time
✅Recharge and return: different investment options are as follows
Member 1: Deposit 10USDT, daily income 3.4USDT
Member 2: Deposit 55 USDT, daily income: 16 USDT
Member 3: Deposit 185 USDT, daily income: 55 USDT
Member 4: Deposit 400 USDT, daily income: 122 USDT
Member 5: Deposit 800 USDT, daily income: 250 USDT
Member 6: Deposit 1800 USDT, daily income: 580 USDT
Member 7: Deposit 4000 USDT, daily income: 1340 USDT
Member 8: Deposit 7000 USDT, daily income: 2500 USDT
Member 9: Deposit 12,000 USDT, daily income: 4,400 USDT
High team building efficiency:
1. Register through the invitation code and enjoy 15% high commission for third-level subordinates.
Level A: 11% rebate, deposit 1000USDT to get 70USDT
Level B: 3% rebate, deposit 1,000 USDT to get 20 USDT
Level C: 1% rebate, deposit 1000USDT to get 10USDT
2. Invite member rewards:
Invite 5 people to become VIP1, reward: VIP1
Invite 5 people to become VIP2, reward: VIP2
Invite 5 people to become VIP3, reward: VIP3
By analogy, the highest VIP is 9.



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