Is Your Website Page Builder Legit? 20 Mandatory Features Every Page Builder Must Have!

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There are a ton of page builders available for WordPress (Elementor, Divi, Oxygen, Bricks, Beaver Builder, Zion, etc.) and even many popular page builders outside of the WordPress ecosystem (Wix, Squarespace, Webflow, etc.).

How can you possibly know which builder is right for you?

Is it all personal preference?

NO! It’s not personal preference. There are objective ways to measure whether or not a page builder is legitimate, but first you need to know where you stand when it comes to your goals and objectives.

My channel – Digital Ambition – is geared toward freelancers and agency owners or people who aspire to be a freelancer or agency owner. In other words, it’s geared toward professionals or people who want to be a professional. At the very least, it’s geared toward people who are serious about the craft of web design and development.

If that’s you, then my position is very clear: regardless of your currently skill & knowledge level, you should be using a website page builder that has professional features and you should refuse to use a builder that does not support the needs of professionals.

This video covers TWENTY (20) MANDATORY features that every page builder must have in order for it to be a legitimate option for professionals.

Why are these things mandatory? Simple! Because when these features don’t exist it encourages you to go against best practices, puts severe limitations on what you can create, and ultimately makes your website less dynamic, less scalable, and more difficult to maintain.

This is why I say it has nothing to do with personal preference. Some builders are objectively not adequate. The only time personal preference enters the picture is when you’re comparing two tools of equal flexibility.

The three builders I currently recommend are:

Oxygen (WordPress): https://oxygenbuilder.com
Bricks (WordPress): https://bricksbuilder.io
Webflow (Non-WP): https://webflow.com

Join my Inner Circle for in-depth tutorials on web design / development best practices, building a 7-figure agency, and digital marketing: https://digitalambition.co/inner-circle/

0:00 Intro
01:31 The Purpose of a Page Builder
02:06 What is Our Goal With Websites?
03:02 Professionals vs Amateurs
04:17 Web Designers vs Photographers Comparison
08:32 Who This Channel is For
10:33 Amateur Tools vs Professional Tools
11:38 Why The 20 Features Are Mandatory
12:24 A Blank Div (1)
14:57 Classes, Pseudo Classes, Pseudo Elements (2)
17:57 Sections (3)
19:04 Header & Footer Templates (4)
20:18 Custom HTML Tags (5)
24:04 Code Blocks (7)
24:39 Repeater or Query Loop (8)
28:39 Dynamic Data (9)
29:53 Conditional Logic (10)
30:18 Clean HTML Output (11)
35:21 Flexbox (12)
38:19 CSS Grid (13)
39:01 Accessible Menu Builder (14)
40:32 Reusable Components (15)
42:02 SRCSET Images (16)
42:31 HTML Attributes (6)
44:28 Custom Units (17)
45:43 Decent Structure Panel (18)
46:40 Shortcode Execution (19)
47:28 Customizable Breakpoints (20)
47:46 Wrap-Up

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